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Jamia Nooria Razvia was founded in 1983, an international Islamic University where teachings of the Ahle Sunnat together with modern sciences is thought.



ADMINISTRATION, If you have any query about the curriculum, studies, fees, the accomodation or progress of the students, please send us an email.


Masjid construction is important in the area of Jamia for the Muslims at site, but even more for the Jamia students for their practice of the learnings.


Paighaam-e-Raza, farogh-e-Ahle Sunnat. Fatawa Razvia.

Raza Hall

Dargah Ala Hazrat is a crowded place for pilgrims. Especially in the period from Urs-e-Ala Hazrat more than half a million Muslims, young and old, from near and far comes to express their respect.

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آج جمعۃ المبارک 22دسمبر2017 کا بیان

موضوع : مسلک اعلیحضرت

خطابت : حضرت علامہ مولانا مفتی منان رضا خان صاحب بریلوی دامت برکاتہم العالیہ

بمقام : میمن مسجد مصلح الدین گارڈن کراچی


This is a list of some khulafa worldwide of His Eminence Shere Raza Shaykh Allama Mufti Mannan Raza Khan Saheb Qadri, Mannani Mia


Objectives are  to prepare students for international presents and defence the Ahle Sunnat World Wide.

Urs Alahazrat

99th Urs


intro ala hazrat.wav

Kanz-ul-Imaan explained by Shere Raza

Mannani Mia Kanzul Imaan uitleg.mp3

10 Ramadaan 1441 H, Roohani Mehfil, Shere Raza Sheikh Mannan Raza Khan Qadri (Hafizullah)

10 Ramadaan Roohani Mehfil 1448 H by Sheikh Mannan Raza Khan Qadri Sb.mp3

Download Sajrah Tayyibah Mubarak - Simnani Mia

Sajrah Samnani Mia.pdf

20200707 فیضان سرکار مفتئ اعظم زندہ باد  Wiladat Mufti Azam by Shere Raza

20200707 فیضان سرکار مفتئ اعظم زندہ باد  Wiladat Mufti Azam by Shere Raza.mp3

Alahazrat k ilmi Khitmaat by Taajush Shari'ah

Alahazrat k ilmi Khitmaat by Taajush Shari'ah.mp3

Adaab by Shere Raza


Hazrat Sheikh Mannan Raza Khan Sb about message of Alahazrat

20200804 Hz Mannan Raza Khan Sb about message of Alahazrat.mp3